• What kind of pasta do you use?
    We use a durum wheat pasta. No eggs in these macs!
  • What cheese do you use?
    We pride ourselves on creating our cheese from scratch. The base is made from almond milk.
  • What are the bread crumbs you top the macs with?
    We proudly use Kelly's Croutons Just Crumbs! They are so insanely delicious. If you haven't tried Kelly's Croutons you are missing out. Do yourself a favor and go buy one of their croutons here.
  • Since you're Avocadamama do you put avocado on all your macs?
    We know it would seem that way, but we don't. The only mac that comes with avocado is our Taco Jalapeño Mac. You can add avocado to any mac for $1.
  • Do you offer a gluten free mac?
    We currently do not offer a gf option at our events, however you can always send us an email here and we can arrange a pick up order of our cheese. you can make your favorite gf pasta at home and use our cheese!
  • Are your macs nut free?
    We use almond milk to make our cheese. The breadcrumbs and our crema also contain cashews.
  • Are your macs soy free?
    Our cheese is made with a tiny bit of soy sauce. If you’re intolerant it’s a very insignificant amount. If you’re soy allergic we’d say steer clear!
  • What is the blue cheese & is it really vegan?
    The blue cheese we use on our macs are from Follow Your Heart and yes, they are vegan.